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Atlantis Gym is not just a place where you go to workout, it's a sanctuary of health and fitness, and it’s a continuous festival of life and beauty. There’s passion, there’s dedication, there’s power and strength, everything you need to get motivated to push yourself to the limit and get the ultimate results you wish for. With such a spirit, difficulties become challenges, and endeavours become achievements.

The fully air-conditioned and ventilated 4400sq/ft gym has over 60 weight training machines and 20 cardio machines, each connected to its own TV. It also features a massive free weight area and separate studios for a variety of classes such as: Aerobics, Aikido, Taeboxing, Taebo, MMA & Sanda, Oriental Dance, Zumba, Ubound (cellulite killer), Body Pump, Body Combat, Steps and more.


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